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The prices you will find in our WebShop.

Our complete list of spare parts for BMW Motorcycles you can see when you follow:


Customer opinions on these products: Power Pipe
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Picture Describtion Art.Nr.    

2 Silencer, looks the same as original, stainless steel


2 Silencer, looks the same as original,FreeFlow- more sound and power, stainless steel



2 Silencers, looks like /6, stainless steel 111097    
2 Silencers, looks like /6, FreeFlow- more sound and power, stainless steel Sport


Exhaust pipe incl. 1 balance pipe, for oilcooler, stainless steel 112008    
Exhaust pipe incl. 1 balance pipe, stainless steel 112078    
Balance pipe front, incl. 2 clamps for attachment, stainless steel 113003    
Collector box, looks the same as original, stainless steel

only a few parts in our stock. Not longer in production


Collector box, H-piece with EG-homologation, stainless steel


Power pipe, stainless steel. More Sound and Power, lightweight. 113005    

Stainless steel clamp 38mm 114001    

Stainless steel clamp 48mm 114004    

Thrust ring exhaust pipe 18038    

Ring exhaust pipe 18138    

Exhaustnut 18721    
Exhaustnut wrench 71112    
 Special frontfork-springs set 31096    

Best in Basics: The basic model of Wilbers-Racing-Suspension mono-shocks is delivered with a blue coloured spring for the Sports-line and a black one for the Classic-line. The suspension system makes no compromises, neither in response or reaction nor in durability. A radial shaft imbedded in a wet run, teflon coated swing points and other unique components redefine the standard of mono-shock absorbers.
The preload is continuously adjustable and the rebound setting can be changed through its open bleed mechanism by 22 clicks. The Wilbers unit assembly system empowers us to offer maximum individuality in fulfilling special customer demands while making extra charges unnecessary.




NEUE Produkte zur professionellen Auspuffpflege:




  OptiGlanz Edelstahl-Reiniger!  
Hier zeigen wir Ihnen ein neues Produkt zur Reinigung von Edelstahlauspuffanlagen. Dieses Produkt entfernt Verfärbungen auf Edelstahlauspuffanlagen im Handumdrehen. OptiGlanz wurde von uns und der Fachpresse ( Motorradfahrer Ausgabe 6/2006) ausgiebig getestet und ist absolut empfehlenswert. Erhältlich ist der Reiniger in der 250ml Sprühflasche zum Preis von 12,95 EUR im Fachhandel oder bei uns per Versand zuzügl. 5,00 EUR Porto

We show you a new product for cleaning of high-grade steel exhaust systems here.
This product removes discolorations in no time on high-grade steel exhaust systems.
OptiGlanz was tested by us and the specialist publications (Motorradfahrer version 6/2006) substantially and is absolutely recommendable. The cleaner is available in the 250 ml spraying bottle at a price of EUR 12.95 in the specialized trade or with us by dispatch plus EUR 5.00 dispatch in germany.



Einzelpreis 250ml Handsprühflasche 12,95 EUR

Auspuff vor und nach Einsatz von OptiGlanz

Collector before and after using




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